Assistant Coach Dan Lafferty

Dan Lafferty comes from a long family history of soccer.  Dan’s Uncle played at Drexel University and Lighthouse, a popular Philadelphia soccer club.  His brothers played at LaSalle University and West Chester University.

Playing Experience

  • 20+ years of playing experience 
  • Started playing soccer at 4 years old
  • Played in High School
  • Played limitedly in college

Coaching Experience

  • 10+ yrs.
  • Rec League Coaching Experience
  • Travel League Coaching Experience 

Beliefs and Motto

Believe organized sports help shape kids in multiple ways including:

  • Team oriented
  • Learn Competitiveness 
  • Understand how to be a part of something larger than themselves
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Kids should play multiple sports 

"Hard work is a mindset, not a skill. Everyone can work hard despite talent and achieve much more than wins and losses."