Nov. 11, 2018

Sunday - What a beautiful day for soccer, and WHAT A GAME!!! The team we played today was by far the best team that we have played all year. They play the game the right way and they play fast. Today we played hard, solid and faster. A 2-0 win against the only other undefeated team remaining in our division. Sure, they were some miscues but the boys turned it on when they needed to, played to the whistle the whole game and pushed a team that had yet to be pressured all year.

The tournaments that we go to and the higher level opposition we look for has steeled these boys to the point where they don't get nervous when the pressure mounts and they continue to play hard no matter the situation. I could not be prouder of them. Great game boys! Ok, that said, we have one game remaining and I laid out the challenge, let's finish undefeated. It is going to take another strong effort to finish this off but it is one I know the boys have in them. GO FREEDOM!