DDP Program Information and Fees

Our Director's Development Program includes registration for the fall and spring intramural leagues, as well as year-round training with our professional trainers and participation in approximately 6 festivals. Festivals are multi-game events that take place with teams from other local soccer clubs. Although festivals will be competitive, the emphasis will be on development of soccer skills and game understanding, NOT on winning. Kids love these events and always have a lot of fun partipating in them.

Below is a comparison of our DDP and intramural program. For an additional $140 over the cost of fall and spring intramurals, DDP allows your child to receive year-round training and participate in several festivals. 

Registration fees for the 2020-21 season are as follows and may be paid in three installments.

DDP Program Full Year DDP Fall/Spring Intramural
Registration Fee $ 400 $ 285/$260
Summer / Fall
Professional Training
2x per week
Begins in August None
ADVANCE Festivals 4 None
Intramural Soccer Fall League
Intramural Uniform
DDP Uniform NA
Professional Training
Winter Academy (weekly)
Optional $150
Intramural Soccer Spring League
Professional Training
Spring Academy (weekly)
Optional $100
ADVANCE Festivals 2 None